Chimney Cleaning

Our chimney cleaning Service covers all aspects of home heating including:

- Flues
- Firebacks
- Backboilers
- Solid & Oil Fueled range cookers
- Central Heating Boilers
- Solid Fuel Stoves

We're at the top of our game...

Unlike the majority of chimney cleaning services,
we will always endeavour to sweep the flue from the top down.
This ensures that the entore flue has been cleaned correctly and any obstructions can be safely removed via the fireplace. The added benefit to you is that the chimney pots and cowls can be inspected and are at less risk from damage when cleaned from the top.

It is standard practice to lay dust sheets from the doorstep to the fireplace, and around the fireplace area. Once the flue is cleaned, surfaces around the fireplace are wiped down leaving you with a dustfree, clea & n fresh smelling fireplace!

As part of the flue cleaning service, all firebacks and backboilers are cleaned and all soot and dust is removed from the property unless otherwise instructed (some people do insist on keeping it for their roses!)

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